Tuesday, 26 May 2015

First race recap

Race recap #1

As I compete in the Multisport Canada Recharge with Milk triathlon series this season I will be providing post race reports on all of the races I do within the series. As I mentioned before my season schedule is on the LPC hurdle project page.

In the meantime I've been busy racing XC and track throughout the fall and winter and wanted to use this post to pick a race to recap from this past season. No doubt it's been a very successful year, probably my strongest ever with undeniably some of my best all-time performances. Despite all of that it was clear to me which event to choose. Some say it's not a real race. Some say it's the only real race. Boasting a field more competitive than some of the open T&F meets, I am of course referring to the coveted1 annual Highway 2 McDonald's Challenge (or H2MC as the regulars call it). Complete with video and all.

The rules are simple: begin at the JDUC at Queen's (naively known to most of campus as the University Center, but correctly known to us as the official H2MC start/finish line). Proceed to run through downtown Kingston using any route you see fit to the McDonalds on the base (a trek slightly under 4k), eat a double big mac meal, and run back. On the line is pride, respect and dignity, all of which are lost pretty quickly into this one. For your viewing pleasure I included the leg of everyone indulging in their McDonalds, and removed the sections in which some of those people, umm, resurfaced that McDonalds. The footage is taken via a GoPro from a headmount attached to one of the competitors:


I'm not a very talented video editor, but it gets the point across.

Official results are still being complied by the H2MC task force. In the meantime check out the video here.

1 I'm not kidding when I say this is coveted. It is taken quite seriously.